Mini Race Report: 2018 Vancouver Fall Classic Half Marathon

November 25, 2018

When: November 4th, 2018

My time: 1:58:38 official, 1:59:55 Apple Watch + Strava

The 2018 Vancouver Fall Classic Half Marathon at UBC is my yearly staple race. Its place in my life as the first “long” race I ever completed means it’s one I come back to consistently. It’s for that reason and that reason alone that I ran it this year. I very nearly DNS‘d it; I’d been feeling quite sick in the week leading up to it, and I didn’t do any training beyond the basic 14 miles per week required to make my goal for the year.

I went out to UBC on the morning of the race with no definite goal other than to pick up my RunVAN Hat Trick shirt. The weather broke at the last moment, though, and I felt well enough to toe the line, so I set myself a modest goal of “sub 2 hours” and headed out with the rest of the racers.

It wasn’t a great race for me, but it was a very good run, being a fine morning on a beautiful course. Despite being low on energy and having to walk for a bit towards the end, I came in just under two hours. I definitely cashed out my Pegasus 34 shoes, although I don’t yet have replacements, and I only took half of a Gu gel for nutrition, but it was extremely satisfying to make the effort and come up with a finish I can be proud of under the circumstances.