12 weeks into training, a little hurt but ready for my first 2019 race

12 weeks into training, a little hurt but ready for my first 2019 race featured image

Tape and nanospikes in the snow

February 22, 2019

I have my first race of the year tomorrow. Run Ridge Run 25km is going to be a fun test of all my training so far, and also a great opportunity to see if I can keep my head on straight if my left quad or calf gives out.

Last week it snowed a lot down here by the river and even around downtown Vancouver, so I ran two longer workouts on our treadmill – 26km over two days, including hill repeats at 9° elevation. That was too much treadmill time for someone who hadn’t been on one in over a year, and I gave myself some pretty bad tensor fasciae latae problems. My incredible massage therapist Anton (book him, he’s worth the wait!) found space in his schedule to help me out, so now with 13 hours until go-time, I’m sitting here with rock tape on my leg, a spiky orange massage ball jammed into my hip, and a leg that works so much better than it has any right to. Lesson learned (again): if you change anything about your training routine, don’t make it drastic.

The irony is that now the course is under a bunch of snow anyway, and probably layers of ice under that, so I’ve got some Kahtoola NANOspikes for my shoes. I’d never used traction devices before today, but I tried them out on a very short run on the ice and snow around my home, and I was amazed at how effective they are. They aren’t going to make me reckless tomorrow, but I’m going to be able to tackle the upper Diez Vista trails with way more confidence.

I haven’t posted a lot here in the past few months for the same dumb reason I don’t post a lot on Werewolf-News.com: I psych myself out by imagining it’s going to take more to write something worthwhile than it actually does. Tandye has encouraged me to write more about the unique things I’ve seen and done on all my training runs around Buntzen and Sasamat Lakes, and I promise that for the remaining months of training between today and the Diez Vista 50km and BMO Marathon, I will. That’s one way I can turn this whole process into something that’s not quite so self-absorbed. I also have a much longer series of posts in the works regarding what it takes to change your legal name and gender marker in British Columbia, but that’s more meticulous work than simply taking 15 minutes to say: I’ve been training hard, it’s been challenging and wonderful, and no matter what happens out there tomorrow (yes, I’ll write a race report), I’m ready, I’m excited, and I’m going to have fun!